The greatest challenge most people experience when attempting to convert a reclaimed timber structure into a new building is often the same. The majority of timber frame structures aren’t laid out in a way that’s conducive to utilizing them as cottages, carriage houses, and workshops. What sets Aged Wood apart from the rest and makes our product different is that we deliver a timber frame that is 100% build ready. As anyone who has ever attempted to move and restand a timber frame knows, even the best buildings may contain a large number of rotten or significantly degraded components. It is for this reason that all timber frames sold by Aged Wood have been prebuilt at our facility to guarantee that all deficient materials have been replaced for ease of reconstruction.

If you’ve ever purchased a “Timber Kit” before, you know that what you’re likely receiving is an old barn or structure that isn’t particularly suited for the new purpose. At Aged Wood, we spend a lot of time and energy creating a solution for you that’ll remove the guesswork and offer you a whole new experience. Over time, we focused our energies on recording and creating an inventory of hundreds of available structures for purchase and delivery.

If you have a specific structure or timber layout in mind, don’t hesitate to contact us so that we can offer you the best possible vision and solution!

As you browse through the images below, you’ll see an image of a prebuilt structure that was sold for delivery this upcoming summer. 

Whether you’re looking for a 5,000 sq. ft. reclaimed timber framed building for your annual maple syrup festival or a 400 sq.ft. timber framed workshop, Aged Wood has the solution for you! Aged Wood can also take care of all design build, permit acquisition and engineering plans. We have a long history of dealing with these types of materials, and along the way, have established solid relationships with expert engineering firms specialized in this field.

Included with each of our Timber Frame Kits are the following:

· Any necessary pins and dowels

· A complete set of blueprints

· Bonding & Customs Services (Additional Service Available)

· Delivery (Additional Service Available)

· Engineering certificates for our structures (Additional Service Available)

· Erection of timber frames (Additional Service Available)

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