What was really cool about this design build project is that we were able to utilize materials that had been secured by the current homeowner’s husband who had intended to build prior to his passing. This is a great example of the type of project we often work on. 

There stood a cottage on the property, which, like many cottages of its vintage, was located, closer to the lake than today’s modern building codes allow. Ironically, it was perfectly located on the lot. As the photographs below demonstrate, we disassembled the existing cottage and built the new one on its’ existing foundation. 

The great part of this project was that it was classified as a renovation and was therefore exempt from new development fees. 

This project is a perfect example of something we do particularly well - integrate new buildings into or on top of old, pre-existing structures. This project was a hybrid of new and reclaimed. All of the structural framing was made of new stud construction while the loft floor joycing and roof rafters were reclaimed materials. This created the cottage that the owners had envisioned! It had all the functionality of a modern brand new cottage with the warmth and character of practically utilized reclaimed timber.